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The Fresno Times, This Week is appealing to the residents of this unique community of hard working professionals, people who value their time and money, to make an investment in a premium subscription membership to The Fresno Times print and digital newspaper. Make an investment that will provide financial returns and returns in the quality of life for community – Terry Wild.

Print Edition: The Fresno Times

Even in today’s digital world, people young and old want to get their hands on a good local newspaper.  There’s something about the portability—you can take it wherever you go and read it wherever you want. A good  local newspaper is the soul of the community, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, it’s what connects and  gives us our sense of community. Delivered to your home or business.

eEdition: All Platforms and Devices

STAY IN TOUCH 24/7: You really like the design of a traditional  newspaper, and you appreciate the immediacy and convenience of  the digital medium. When you’re on the go, ePaper travels with you  on any device — around the world or across the street.

Exclusive Content: Subscribers Get More

Taking a subscription to The Fresno Times means better quality local content and support for the wide array of activities within the community: Local Government, Education, Sports, Lifestyles, Seniors Lifestyle Options and much more. Premium subscribers benefit by getting more exclusive local content.

Local Merchant Discounts: Rewards Card

You are a savings-minded scout of deals and information — you are savvy with your money and your time. You want the two days with the most grocery savings and manufacturers’ coupons. You stay informed and connected, and always get the biggest bang for your buck. We start you off with a “Local Rewards Card” with over a thousand dollars of savings when you become a Premium Subscriber!